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We manage a $33 billion fund
United Nations OCHA member
UNICEF Observer Organization
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GTF Chairman Duke Maxkun is always heart-to-heart with everyone. We embrace integrity and bravery.

  • Dear Friends and Partners,
We are thrilled we meet here again!

Can you share with us your experiences ? We hope to share and celebrate your happiness together. Inspired and guided by our Founder,  Duke Jack Feng members of the GTF family have gained more wealth in the past year. Indeed we have achieved a great harvest. I think you can also consult with Mr. Johnson Lee, who is beloved by everyone here. He has prepared for you the investment statements of your family’s investments this year and will be happy to share the vision for the upcoming year. I think it is up to you to seriously confirm whether this meets your needs. I think if Duke  Maxkun invites you and your families to a gathering, you shall look forward to knowing some of his new investment plans.

  • The Global Technology Foundation (GTF) is a large-scale independent charity organization integrating scientific research and investment with charitable causes. We have invested in aerospace, military technology research and development, unmanned ocean-going cargo ships,  energy-saving buildings, organic agriculture, garbage disposal, renewable energy vehicle, petrochemical technology, rare earth refining technology, biotechnology, PPE product manufacturing, industrial intelligent manufacturing,  artificial intelligence, mining development, marine life protection, and blockchain encryption technology.  We provide financial protection and value-added services for global high net worth clients. The potentials of such investments are huge with considerable future returns. We are looking forward to having powerful scientific research institutions and enterprises to join our projects.
U.S. FDA authorizes Global Technology Foundation as a legal medical device distributor and importer, number 3021348755
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U.S. FDA authorizes Global Technology Foundation as a legal medical device distributor and importer, number 3021348755

The Global Technology Foundation acts as an agent for the distribution of medical laboratory equipment, blood coagulation instruments used in hospitals, stem cell culture equipment, pharmaceutical production equipment, biological testing products, and health care products.The exosome rapid hemostasis and human soft tissue rapid health recovery rescue package used by military personnel, the brand authorized by Johnson & Johnson。

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Please trade with regular dealers like us, you have no worries, GTF welcomes your letter, we 100% guarantee the transaction!
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Please trade with regular dealers like us, you have no worries, GTF welcomes your letter, we 100% guarantee the transaction!

Solemnly declare that all customers who are going to purchase Cranberry medical supplies must look for regular dealers such as our foundation to conduct transactions (as a regular dealer, we have found that there are fraudulent companies producing fake Cranberry Gloves products for sale in the United States, They use fraudulent means to defraud customers' money and affect the credit of customers' companies. Anyone involved in the transaction will be sentenced to more than 5-15 years in prison, because the illegal behavior of manufacturing and selling medical device products is similar to malicious murder in the United States. felony ).

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KINGFA authorizes Global Technology Foundation to sell medical gloves worldwide
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KINGFA authorizes Global Technology Foundation to sell medical gloves worldwide

Kingfa is a globally preeminent supplier of advanced materials. Based on research, manufacture, sales and services of innovative materials, Kingfa provides new solutions to create a safer, more comfortable and convenient life.

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If your business needs to take advantage of the Foundation's special discount price to purchase our stock of Cranberry Evolve products in the USA, you will need to fill out the forms we provide. Once our compliance team rates your company with favourable ratings, we will give your a very special deal customised for your continuous needs.

Cranberry evolve 300 Inventory sales


Cranberry evolve 300 Inventory sales



Time 1

In 2016, the Global Technology Foundation was established in the United States .

Jun 12, 2016

Time 2

The Global Technology Foundation has obtained the invention patent from the USPTO for its organic semiconductor batteries .

Jan 08, 2018

Time 3

The Global Technology Foundation has obtained the patent from USPTO for its invention of the axial flux motor with the highest conversion efficiency in the world. At present, this technology is used in high-precision national defence applications.

Aug 02, 2018

Time 4

The Global Technology Foundation has successfully developed an upgraded product of the COVID-19 test kit with a specificity rate of 100% and a sensitivity rate of 98.26% which can detect four types of viral infections.

Mar 06, 2022

Formally established PPE product development department

Due to the serious harm caused by the pandemic virus to human beings, as a charitable foundation and a scientific research institution, we decided to set up a medical assistance service department

Jan 11, 2021

The United Nations Global Procurement Market officially approved the Global Science and Technology Foundation as a qualified supplier

The United Nations Global Procurement Market officially approved the Global Technology Foundation as a qualified supplier with the Supplier Unique Number of UN877292.

Jun 12, 2022

GTF Foundation released its own AKAT brand pure electric 4x4 off-road vehicle, the vehicle cruising range will exceed 1500 miles, and it will go on sale in 2024

On July 17, 2021, the new energy 4X4 hardcore off-road vehicle brand was born

Jul 17, 2021

At the invitation of the U.S. government health department, the GTF scientific research team will soon cooperate with the government scientific research project team, and the federal government will fully fund the rapid launch of the medical technology for rapid repair of the lungs of patients with COVID-19.

Chairman Mr.Maxkun:

Foundation Chairman & Co-Founder, Senior WHO Advisor Maxkun’s passions range from political economics, science and technology to humanities and philosophy. He leads a number of revolutionary scientific projects. He is committed to improving people’s lives as a result of the Sixth Industrial Revolution. Despite being the manager of a $33 billion fund, Maxkun lives a very simple life, yet with a lofty goal of contributing all his wealth and his scientific achievements to the global causes of mankind.

Chairman  Mr.Maxkun

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, GTF was approved by the Board of the Foundation to invest 300 million US dollars in research and development of medical products to combat COVID-19, while providing large quantities of anti-epidemic materials to customers at a greatly discounted price.

The Global Technology Foundation is committed to using technology to solve the problem of over-reliance on petrochemical energy in the future economic development of the world. After 20 years of hard work, we have obtained sustainable energy power technology. The quantum sustainable battery we developed will be available to the global market in 2024. This is to solve the problem of human beings destroying nature due to electricity demand. By then, mankind will not be troubled by electricity demand, because they will have access to inexhaustible energy supplies.



Leverage the role of GTF Charitable Foundation and contribute to the fight against COVID-19 Financing for the Development in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond Initiative (FFDI) The COVID-19 pandemic and the social and economic crisis it triggered has not only caused immeasurable suffering in the past ten months but could also derail global efforts to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In some parts of the world, the pandemic is fast turning into a humanitarian crisis, threatening to push millions into a state of acute food deprivation and endangering the lives of millions of women, men and children. In 2020, world gross product fell by an estimated 4.3 percent – the sharpest contraction of global output since the Great Depression. The pandemic is expected to drive between 119 and 124 million people into extreme poverty this year, with the total rising to as many as 150 million by 2021, the first such increase since 1998. With progress on SDG 2 (zero hunger) already backsliding before the onset of COVID-19, an estimated additional 270 million people could face acute food shortages by the end of 2020. Meanwhile, the equivalent of 255 million full-time jobs worldwide were lost in 2020 relative to the last quarter of 2019. This has served to reinforce and further widen economic inequalities, disproportionately impacting developing countries and vulnerable groups. While many developed countries have been able to finance robust counter-cyclical fiscal responses to the crisis, developing countries, who face higher interest rates and service fees, are either struggling to service their debts or are directing finance that could be used to support health and social sectors towards paying back debts. A total of $16 trillion in fiscal stimulus response that has been disbursed as of March 2021, with high-income countries mobilizing an equivalent of over 16 percent of their GDP, compared to 4 percent for emerging economies and a mere 1.6% for low-income developing countries. The policy response of developing countries has been severely limited due to financial constraints, including the need to continue servicing foreign currency-denominated debts amid sharply diminished inflows of foreign exchange.


The Patented Electronic Orbital Organic Semiconductor Battery:

Have you heard of batteries that can be used without charging? We can accurately announce to all mankind that the electronic orbital organic semiconductor battery developed by GTF has obtained patent from the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office). The use of this technology will be the catalyst for the sixth Industrial Revolution, and its impacts are comparable to those of the internal combustion engine and solar photovoltaics. Main technical indicators: 1. Overall energy efficiency: the efficiency of converting radioactive energy into electrical energy is 10 to 30%. 2. Radiation protection: the surface of the product reaches or falls below the allowable dose within 10 millirem. 3. Specific energy: the weight specific energy is 10~h/kg, and the volume specific energy is 10~Wh/L. 30 kilowatts and 30 thousand service life: according to the needs of use, it can be selected in the range of 5 to 100 years. 4. High performance ratio: the comprehensive performance is about 50~1000 times higher than that of traditional lithium-ion batteries.

The Patented Electronic Orbital Organic Semiconductor Battery


The COVID-19 pandemic will further derail the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the next five years without concerted action, warn international scientists. The SDGs were adopted by the United Nations in September 2015, and call for governments and organisations to achieve goals such as ending poverty, eradicating hunger and ensuring everyone has access to clean, affordable energy by 2030. However, the economic fallout on the SDGs from COVID-19 was clear in 2020 when at least 255 million full-time jobs were lost, triggering a hunger crisis, especially in the global South, according to the report Unprecedented and Unfinished: COVID-19 and Implications for National and Global Policy published by the International Science Council (ISC). “As society, we are not going to respond to COVID-19 if we don’t understand that the pandemic has an impact on every aspect of our lives,” said Mathieu Denis, acting chief executive and science director at ISC, and co-author of the report. The SDGs were already well off track before the pandemic struck, according to the UN’s 2019 SDG scorecard report, the Global Sustainable Development Report, the last one published.


Working Together To Protect The Earth:The Global Technology Foundation protects the earth with strong scientific research capacities.

The emergence of COVID-19 is a stark reminder of how we are all a part of a fragile global environment. Just as humanity does not exist in isolation, everything we do affects the world around us. We are all part of the global climate crisis, and our efforts to achieve environmental sustainability are essential to tackling it. We must work harder and faster to bequeath a livable planet for this and future generations.

Working Together To Protect The Earth
  • GTF New R&D Product Preview

  • GTF Personal portable COVID-19 breath detection device is arriving soon.

  • 兀 Electron Orbital Organic Semiconductor Quantum Batteries

  • GTF develops practical high-efficiency motors for ultra-long-range unmanned aerial vehicles

Talk to one of our team members today! 

Duke Maxkun R.D Fung (Mr. Jack Feng)

Global Technology Foundation Chairman & Co-founder, Senior WHO Advisor, and Director of the Rockefeller Cultural Foundation.

Duke Maxkun R .D Fung (Mr. Jack Feng )also serves as the Managing Director of China Overseas Capital Management Co., Ltd. , and the Director of World Chinese Association.

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Mr. Boris Chen

Technology Director

Former Chief Technology Officer of Intel Corporation Global Advanced Laboratory

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Mr. Johnson C H Lee

Vice Chairman

Deputy Executive Chairman, Global Digital Currency Finance Management Committee of the United Nations Association Of EL Salvador; Chairman, Royal Business Club of Dubai UAE

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Mr. Josef Fung

Secretary General

Director of the United Nations Silk Road Economic Forum, Chairman of JC Public Relations & Development Ltd. (Hong Kong), Secretary General of Global Technology Foundation.

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Marco Yu

Director, Business Operations for North America

Familiar with the complexity of international business and global logistics, Mr. Marco Yu’s abilities to think beyond the box will always lead to clear and easy solutions. Mr. Yu holds a degree of Mcgill MBA in Finance.

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Mr. Stuart Schwartz

Senior Medical Diagnosis Advisor

Mr. Stuart Schwartz works in the medical industry as a worldwide distributor in Molecular testing specifically testing for Thyroid Nodules with Atypical Cells of indeterminate significance. He has extensive networks with hospitals and medical professionals.

Mr. Syed Shahid Hassan

Operational Director, African Region

With 30 years of international business experience, from manufacturing to investment, Mr. Hassan collaborates closely with the multifunctional teams and government partners to ensure a proper coordination of all projects.

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Dr. Maneerat Khampanon, MD.

Special Medical Advisor

Being the 4th generation doctor in her family, Dr. May takes pride in bringing immediate positive impact to the well-being of her patients.

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Mr. Johnson Lee, GTF's deputy chairman, is newly appointed as Co-Chairman of Royal Business Club of Dubai.

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The Cryptocurrency Vision by the Royal Family of Dubai

Blockchain technology is transforming traditional business models across every industry vertical. Not only does it increase transparency, but also mproves the efficiency in conducting multi-party transactions where trust is required but not traditionally provided unless an intermediary is involved. “Our vision is to build an ecosystem for secure, efficient, and economical creation and exchange of value, powered by scalable block chain technology.”

  • Date: 09/09/2022 09:30
  • Location: Dubai (Map)

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Global Technology Foundation develops unmanned transport ships with a total investment of 1.2 billion US dollars

Global Technology Foundation develops unmanned transport ships with a total investment of 1.2 billion US dollars


There are only 2 companies in the world's large-scale unmanned marine shipbuilding industry that have entered into investment at this stage. However, the scale is small. With its keen market insight, the Global Technology Foundation has invested huge amounts of money into this field. This is a blue ocean market. In the next 10-20 years, the marine unmanned ship market will be extremely huge.

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GTF Foundation invests in a new generation of swept-wing jet passenger aircraft (speed Mach 2.5) wind tunnel experiment is successful

GTF Foundation invests in a new generation of swept-wing jet passenger aircraft (speed Mach 2.5) wind tunnel experiment is successful


The four-jet engine swept-wing unmanned simulation prototype successfully flew the test flight, and completed the physical aircraft test flight within 6 years. The aircraft is designed to carry 60 passengers, 8 crew members, and a range of 8,000 miles, achieving rapid arrival of global addresses.GTF Foundation invests in a new generation of swept-wing jet passenger aircraft (speed Mach 2.5) wind tunnel experiment is successful. The British prototype swept-wing aircraft has been stalled for related reasons. The GTF Foundation has discovered its potential value and has organized a team on January 7, 2020 to restart the supersonic private jet program.

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